Pablo padilla

This young producer began his career in 2001 when he acquired his first Groovebox, the now legendary Roland MC-303. It is then when he really starts to get interested in electronic music and decides to go deeper into a somewhat more detached style, since he was very young he has been surrounded by vinyl and influenced by funk, blues and black music in general. His music has always been characterized by his personality and his own identity, something that today is to be thankful for. This burncalories and good maker of the art of sampling always delights us with his direct, very different to his study music. Creative by nature and insatiable idealist has collaborated as a sound editor for various radios, has developed various sound research projects and has acted in rooms such as: Moss club (Murcia), Trips (La manga), Funk (La manga), Fluid (Murcia), On (Ceuti), Super8 (Murcia), Garage Tia Maria (Murcia), Estereo (Alicante), Mundaka Club , 12 & Medio-Microsonidos (Murcia) Sala Chaman (Almeria), Bunquer Club (Murcia) And festivals like: Contest Festival (Abanilla) Puma-Volvo Ocean Race Festival (Alicante) and has participated in various Raves around the coast. Founder of REDGROUND Productions, seal dedicated to the design and edition of music, videos and short films.
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