Manuel Costela aka "Oval Future Face" and half of "Defence Of Excess" is the owner of Bucketroundand 2phonic Recordings, producer, dj and promoter. He started in 2006 with the first EP of Bucketround "Stay" with remixes of Dubbyman and Above Smoke (Deep Explorer Music) then was published his first work in Deep Explorer "La Puerta de Atras" from "More Divers in The Abyss EP" this track was played by "Peace Division" on Radio One (UK). Sybaris Limited choose 3 works of Manuel for the "Musica Sibarita LP in 2008. Next work comes with the Bucket 03 "Outbreak EP" like remixer of Above Smoke and other remixes by Nacho marco (Loudeast) and Barna Sound Machine. In 2008 is the year of Oval Future Face "La Danse de l´Hibou EP" with the remix of "Pablo Bolivar" (Avantroots/Regular/ Desolat) great deep house/minimal work with touches of heat Synths. Manuel was the remix to Dubbyman "Twilight" of "God's Country EP" with the remix of Scott Ferguson (Ferrispark) 2010. Tthe other project of Manuel is "Defence Of Excess" with Raul Linares "Hyman Bass" friends since childs, they did a great musical projects this year and several works in some international labels together and apart... Now back with a new projects for 2015/2016 the remix of Bjak work in Bucketround 007 "Dusk Til Dawn EP" "Keep It Movin" (Manuel Costela Rmx) and his own LP "Deep Night" or the last EP on vinyl "Tentacles Of The Deep". Last works now with the next releases and other vinyl and digital projects like Deepart Sound, Different Attitudes, Flumo Recordings, Cenital Music or TH Pressing Manuel Costela also is the promoter of Sagan Club with shows of Andy Hart (Voyage/Sleazy Beats), Toby Tobias (Rekids) or Jesus Gonsev (Trouble Kids)... Dj from Madrid in best underground dancefloors like Sol,Siroco, Moroder, Evaristo, 10 Club...and some London, french or Ibiza clubs. Past year Manuel Costela founded 2phonic Recordings digital label with 18 releases and many future projects and parties in 2018.
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