konik polny

Konik polny means grasshoppers in Polish, and is a very appropriate name for the nature of his music. If you ask him what it means, he looks at you and smiles, and starts telling you about the Dutch teknival in the year 2000, of repeated police checks ... of trucks and vans ... of people and friends, traveling the Dutch roads looking for a place to have a party and a meeting on your way ..... And that is just one of his aliases, which he shares with Fernando Poo, Gino Roberti or Syd B 23 in his multiple facets as sound designer, live artist, novelist, event promoter, A & R, and endless occupations all derived from art, because Konik, without a doubt, is an artist. In 2000 he turned Berlin into his house. Just at the moment when the city emanated underground and art in equal parts and its electronic scene sat chair. He worked for five years in the Colectivo Tacheles, holding events and taking care of a floor of the old gallery, one of the most visited tourist attractions, and the image of Berlin's street-art between the 90s and 2000s. Sharing his time with great projects that marked the direction of the city, like Gegen or Homopatik, for putting a sample. And 10 years later he started producing the Berlin Invasion event, turning it into one of the underground references of the capital, and making a big dent in the Berlin electronic scene. But it was in 2005 when he released with his Polish friend DJ Pala, he created "Joint Operations Records" (Joprec), a label born with the idea of creating an international network for artists from the world of commercial music. The seal logo with the bio-mechanical seahorse, phi and the Fibonacci numerical series, is a fusion of pure mathematics and art, which are the same ..... Ideas and philosophy materialized in music. With more than 20 years of experience between festivals, club culture and raves, the sound of KP has crossed the 4 continents and is ready to explode in sound systems. The ideal place for the expression of Konik Polny is electronic music festivals, in recent years he has participated as a spectator and musician in almost all festivals in Europe. His particular favorite was the CEKTEK in the Czech Republic, where one is transported to a fascinating and fantastic atmosphere. Where the live sets seem to transmit states of being, transforming from acid music lines, to dark and even playful sounds. His style at scenary acquires consistency, it shoots through the speakers like bullets that cross the dancing bodies, showing an artistic expression of the music in continuous evolution. It is music that is visceral, vibrant, a fusion of underground techno: dark and repetitive, with soft sounds, contiguous culture, drum and bass and break-beat. His charisma as an artist, based on years of experience in the center of the underground world scene, gives off the smell of smoke from a rave and the warmth of the biggest stage, emanating art from the first second. In 2018 he celebrates a great milestone in his career as a producer, releasing his 100th EP and completing an endless collection of CDs, and vinyl with artists from around the world. He is currently based in Madrid, and is ready to show what he is capable of doing in his clubs. For booking, please contact us here or at info@invasion.berlin
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