Antonio Chávez, aka Anthonius. is a producer and teacher of harmony. He studied until middle grade in the conservatory, and specialized for eight years in harmony and composition of jazz. Graduated in production and mixing by the CES school is from 2009 when it goes completely into the production of electronic music. He has performed in auditoriums such as Room 400 of the Reina Sofía, Centro Centro Cibeles, La Cartuja Palace (Seville), MEENT of Burgos, Conde Duque cultural center, Matadero cultural center, performing conceptual music concerts with grand piano and quartet or string duet rubbed, and direct electronic music focused on the dance floor, as well as he has performed for more than 15 years as a Dj, in some of the main national clubs where he shared a poster with artists like Tadeo, JC HD Substance, Dj F, and many more. With more than 25 years of training behind him, he has simultaneously combined very different disciplines and has been able to separate these doctrines and adapt them for the occasion, thanks to his enormous musical diversity of neo classical court, and the court of his direct is a "Bass Culture" american house, in which he combines live sequences with synths, melodies and solos, using sampled vocals from the legendary" Chicago Trax "reminding artists such as Larry Heard, Mr G, Robert Owens, or Adonis in between between others. Currently is immersed in the creation of his own label from where he will publish on vinyl several references to the year of this cut. A multidisciplinary artist and author of the Atlas project, a sound atlas of the planet, in which after a trip a year to countries like Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, etc, it records the sounds of the daily life of these countries. Liturgies, polyphonies, ancient instruments, old trades and gastronomy, compose his sound atlas, with which he has published two cd-books, the first Istanbul and the second Georgia and Armenia.
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