Passionate about making music the vehicle of understanding between cultures, in 2006 discovers in a festival of music in Egypt new musical talents, who did not have the opportunity to launch and to promote his product discográfico. Returning to Spain, he set up the Almoukri Records label, with the aim of promoting young artists from the Middle East in European markets. A great fan of minimalist musical compositions, he is a lover of the fusion of Arabian and Oriental sounds with electronic bases and jazz, several times in the Prizes of the Music like Best Record Producer, Musical and Technician of Sound and that, at present, continues with the idea of ​​continuing to produce, merging styles, roots and sounds with the aim of uniting all cultures .. Born as an independent record label in 2007, dedicated to producing and merging the world's music. Launches in mid-2007 the first record reference "Hamahang", of Persian and Indian mystic music, with the master Majid Javadi and the musician Nantha Kumar.   The second record label "Al Ahlam" was released in autumn 2007 with the Melhaoui Orchestra, in honor of the great Arab and Egyptian singer Om Kalthoum.   At the end of 2007 he released the third album "Cherno More", a sub-Saharan and Balkan fusion of the Sudanese musician Wafir and the Bulgarian brothers Nasco and Ivo Bristov, where the instruments of both cultures, such as nay, tar, laud, darbuka and accordion.   In 2008, he released the fourth record reference under the title "La Cantera del Cajón", a work that expresses and treats the three great fields in which the flamenco drawer is classified to accompany depending on whether it is singing, dancing or guitar. They collaborate innumerable and insuperable artists of the stature of Potito, Ramón the Portuguese, Guadiana, Diego the Cigala, Estrella Morente. Torombo, Jairo Barrul and David Paniagua have worked with us. The flamenco guitar was Juan José Suarez "El Paquete", Niño Josele and Manuel Parrilla. And like percussionists Piraña, Antonio Carmona, Anton and Sabú Porrina.   It continues until today with more than 100 record labels.   Almoukri Records has been a candidate for the Music Awards in more than 40 albums of the label, receiving the recognition of the most famous artists for its work as musical producer.
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