About us

TheMoment Records is a collective platform in which a lot of international music producers will merge to, without losing the individuality and personal essence as an artist, create professionally and develop projects from the passion for the music and to generate opportunities with a clear international projection.

We intend to be a limitless space where we can develop creativity. We want to offer the opportunity to everyone to become a part of our collective and be an important element of the future of music where we can integrate different styles of traditional, folk, ethnic with electronic music, create a globalization and cultural diversity.

In this platform we will have the possibility to share our music, to distribute it and a showcase with a projection that opens up a whole range of possibilities for future events, festivals and live performances.

Almoukri Records is considered one of the best world music record labels, “culture and fusion”, with around 200 references in the national and international market with top-level artists and coordinator of multiple events throughout the last ten years.

Now, the founder of Almoukri Records, Nabil Almoukri, and along with Daniel Alfonsel, launch TheMoment Records, mainly to create a fusion between electronic music and world music, not being slaves of just one style, just the opposite. To take a step forward in musical composition.

The main objective is to have, within the collective platform, different musical styles, looking for the essence of each artist.

Nowadays we are preparing the organization of festivals, events, concerts and contests at both national and international level. We will also release record productions that will have either digital, CD and vinyl format. The musical styles will be very different depending on the artist but always opened especially to the fusion of electronic music with jazz, new disco, house, breakbeat, ambient and techno among many others.

We are organizing upcoming international festivals with Nas Meca Business (www.nasmeca.com), which will be responsible for the distribution of all the projects developed by TheMoment Records. We are currently developing several festivals in southern Egypt, the Arab Emirates, Dubai, etc.

We want you to participate in the upcoming program by TheMoment Records, the first collective platform with an international vision focused on cultural promotion through electronic music and its fusion with world music, visual art and bringing our audience the wealth of electronic music.

A platform that, at the same time, is your home. The home of all those who love music and have the desire to grow, to expand our horizons, to expand as artists and to collaborate with different producers. TheMoment Records spirit.


TheMoment Records join together all the continents through art in a music label and at the same time, is your family. So don’t hesitate, if what you see on this website you don’t like, inspire or seduce, register and get close to your new family. At TheMoment Records we will be happy to welcome you. Having more people will only increase our musical wealth.


Promote culture through our shows.

Participate in our upcoming cultural projects, festivals, events and contests.

Programming in both national and international level.

Development of fusion between artists.

International cultural exchanges.

Collaborations in record references.

Possibility of record release.

Artist management.


1.- Register as user

2.- Fill the user profile including artist photo, biography, etc.

3.- Finally, fill the application form to belong to the collective TheMoment Records

In case of acceptance by TheMoment Records to your request, you will receive an email within 48 hours.